Petra Pavrice 120*60*2cm QUA

Petra Bavers

146.05 SAR

  • Stain Resistant

  • high thickness

  • Tolerates the heat of the sun, resistant to moisture, is not affected by weather factors

  • Bears more than 1000 kg

  • Price per square meter
  • Size: 120*60*2cm
  • Color: matte beige
  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Carton packing: 2 tablets
  • Cutting: laser
  • Industry: Turkey
  • Usage: external
  • Installation location: facades of floors, patios and car parks
  • Installation: mechanical
  • Spacers: 2 mm minimum
  • For more detailed requests, feel free to contact us

Remained 460
  • 146.05 SAR
زائر 1 month ago
السلام عليكم احتاج 20متر مربع وهل هذا المنتج يتحمل السيارات والأحمال وشكرا
land of luxury 1 month ago
و عليكم السلام عزيزي متوفر منه استاذي يتحمل الاحمال و السيارات بالطبع

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