Spacers 2 mm sachet (250 tablets) QUA

white spacer 2 mm

69 SAR

  • Country of Origin: Turkey

  • What are Twister breaks?

It is divided into two parts: 1- The white separator: it is used only once

2- Red Twister: It can be used an infinite number of times

Dividers come packaged in separate bags by color

  • Packing of the white spacer bag: 250 tablets per bag
  • Packing of the red Twister bag: 100 tablets per bag

How to use:

  • During the installation process, white spacers are placed at the corners of the tiles and on their edges under the tiles at the end of the tile, and the second bead is placed next to it, and then the twister is wrapped until the sides are equal and the curvature is reduced, and the process is repeated on all the beads
  • The twister is left until the second day, after which the twister is removed by kicking it with the foot if the installation is on the ground or by hand if the installation is on the walls
  • The separated white part is removed from inside the red twister so that it can be used again
  • Congratulations, your tiles have been installed correctly

How to calculate the number of pieces required

It is shown in the following table according to the size of the slab

Remained 497
  • 69 SAR

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