T1 Polyweed Pool Glue

Polly Weed

46 SAR

Origin: Saudi

Weight: 20 kg

20 kg of adhesive covers an area of 4-5 m2. The actual consumption depends on the nature of the surface, the method of application and waste, and gives a thickness of 3 to 10 mm.

Tile adhesive characterized by non-slip, adhesion strength, high water resistance and high adjustment time for tiles, intended for swimming pools, bathrooms, flooded surfaces and fountains, suitable for dry and wet conditions for outdoor and indoor use.


1- For swimming pools, water tanks, wet and flooded areas

2- Applicable to smooth concrete surfaces, lightweight bricks, blocks and plaster

3- Adhesive for all types of porcelain, stone, marble and ceramics, and is intended for external facades

How to use:

1- Surface preparation: Make sure that the surface is completely clean and does not have any residues such as dirt, fat and moisture.

2- Add 4 liters of water for every 20 kg of adhesive, add water slowly, continuing to stir the mixture at a slow mixing speed ranging between (400-600) revolutions per minute for 3 minutes until you get a consistent consistency.

3- Let the mixture harden for 10 minutes to make sure all the ingredients hold together.

4 - Put the adhesive on the surface and make sure to spread it to an even thickness using the tool.

5- Fix the tiles over the adhesive and press firmly to ensure maximum bonding between the tiles and the adhesive.

Technical Specifications:

  • Classification: C2TES1
  • Time available for mixing: 30 minutes
  • Adjustment time: 10-15 minutes
  • Adhesion force: more than 1.1 N mm2
  • Hardening time: 25-35 minutes
  • This product is valid for 12 months provided it is kept tightly closed and stored in a shady, dry and moisture-free place at a temperature of about 25°C, dry and moisture-free
  • European Standards: EN 12004 Saudi Standards Organization: SASO ISO 13007-3

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