Chinese Sliced Stone 001

Chinese stone white slices

132.94 SAR

Chinese stone white slices

The color is white to off-white, with a feeling of eating when lighting is directed at it

Adds a stunning touch to interior and exterior walls

It can be used as a background for the screen wall or in the corners, and it is also common to install it in the entrances and the walls of the stairs

It is also installed on the external facades of villas, buildings, and external and internal walls

The size of the pill: 15 * 60 cm

Carton capacity: 0.63 square meters = 7 pieces

  • 132.94 SAR
زائر 3 weeks ago
عندي جدار ارتفاعه 3 م وعرضه 4 كم يطلع علي المبلغ ؟
land of luxury 3 weeks ago
تحتاج تقريبا 12 متر مربع يكلف 1595 ريال
زائر 3 weeks ago
السلام عليكم هل التوريد مع التركيب
land of luxury 3 weeks ago
و عليكم السلام عذرا السعر غير شامل التركيب لهذا المنتج