Burlan Turkish Porcelain Lapis Mocha 120*60 QUA

Turkish porcelain

98.90 SAR

Porcelain floors and walls, interior and exterior, in mocha color with a zigzag surface similar to a stone texture.

Size: 120*60 cm

Color: Mocha (a combination of gray and brown)

Thickness: 10 mm

Carton packing: 2 tablets

Cutting: laser

Industry: Turkey

Use: indoor, outdoor

Composition: Using porcelain glue, and it is not recommended to install it with the mixture only

Spacers: 2 mm minimum

Price per square meter

Remained 1209
  • 98.90 SAR
عرض خاص

With every 2 square meters of selected items, you get 1 square meter for free

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