Calcutta Stewara SAPIEN STONE

Kitchen countertops

1,955 SAR

  • Italian-made porcelain
  • Brand: Sabine
  • Separate on demand
  • Please attach the required sizes to determine the price
  • The price includes sizing, detailing and installation
  • It does not include accessories such as basin and mixer and does not include electrical appliances
  • scratch resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • acid resistant
  • full body
  • The approximate processing time for the order: 15 days from the date of uploading the measurements

Remained 100
  • 1,955 SAR
زائر 3 weeks ago
1955 هذا سعر المتر الواحد ؟
land of luxury 3 weeks ago
سعر المتر الطولي الواحد عرض 60 سم شامل الضريبة شامل السيكلو و التركيب و الدبل الامامي 4 سم

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