Cemfix Porcelain - External Porcelain Glue

External Porcelain Glue

46 SAR

High performance porcelain tile adhesive

  • High elastic properties make it able to withstand any vibrations or deformations on the mounting surface.
  • High adhesion strength.
  • Long working time of the substance after its application.
  • Easy to use, has a consistent texture with excellent operability.
  • Pre-mixed, just need to add water.

Cemfix Porcelain is a high-performance cement tile adhesive consisting of a unique blend of cement, well-graded sand and a high content of refiners and polymers, which, when mixed with water, forms a distinctive tile adhesive capable of fixing all types of ceramic tiles and stone large dimensions or heavy weight on various common construction surfaces that may It is subjected to limited vibrations in the indoor or outdoor areas.

The high resilience properties of Cemfix Porcelain make it ideal for installing all types of large-sized tiles or heavy-weight stone such as marble and granite on floors and walls, and also makes it an ideal choice for installing tiles with underfloor heating systems or for outdoor applications where floors and walls are subject to a constant change in their performance. Temperatures.

  • Packing : Cemfix porcelain product is available in bags of 20 kg.
  • Coverage : Approx. 7 m²/bag of weight 20 kg on a thickness of 2 mm

Standards and Standards: Cemfix Porcelain complies with the following specifications:

  • ISO 13007-1 and BS EN 12004 as an improved cementitious tile adhesive with slip resistance, long open working time and flexibility (C2TES1).
  • ANSI A118.4 for shear stress requirements.
  • Uses:
  • Installing all types of porcelain tiles.
  • Intended for installing heavy weight or large dimensional porcelain tiles.
  • Ideal for application to places exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable for installing new tiles on previously tiled surfaces:
  1. Porcelain on porcelain.
  2. Porcelain over ceramic.
  • It has high flexibility to withstand high temperature differences.

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  • 46 SAR
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