Memories 90*30

MEMORIES 90*29.5

94 SAR

  • Product ID: MEMORIES
  • Product Code: 1150805092
  • Price per square meter
  • Porcelain walls and floors
  • Size: 90*29.5 cm
  • Color: gray and beige
  • Texture: matte
  • A measure of the diversity of grain shapes: V3 Diverse appearance
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Carton packing: Gentlemen: 6 pieces, Decoration: 5 pieces
  • Weight: Gentlemen: 26 kg, Decoration: 23 kg
  • Cutting: laser
  • Industry: Spanish
  • Usage: kitchens, bathrooms, foyer, living room, floors of halls, bedrooms and sitting rooms
  • Installation area: indoor
  • Product features: Water-resistant, anti-freeze, heat-resistant, anti-bacterial
  • Material used in manufacturing: white porcelain
  • Manufacturing technology: digital
  • Warranty period: 10 years
  • Composition: Using porcelain glue, and it is not recommended to install it with the mixture only
  • Spacers: 2 mm minimum
  • The color of the item in the photo may not be exactly the same as what you see on the screen. The size and color may not be the same as the item. The image is for representation purposes only. We highly encourage you to order samples to see the real color and texture for yourself.

  • 94 SAR
زائر 1 month ago
طريقه تركيبه كيف -ولو عندي دوره مياه 2*1.5 كيف احسب الكميه
land of luxury 1 month ago
نجمع الطول مع العرض و الجواب نضربه ب 2 و الجواب نضربو بالارتفاع بتطلع معنا كمية الجدران اما كمية الارضية الطول ضرب العرض

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