Porcelain T2 Poly Weed Glue

Polly Weed

34.50 SAR

Origin: Saudi

Weight: 20 kg

  • 20 kg of adhesive covers an area of 4-5 m2. The actual consumption depends on the nature of the surface, the method of application and waste, and gives a thickness of 3 to 10 mm.
  • Tile adhesive for porcelain, marble and granite tiles, featuring superior quality, non-slip, high adjustment time with adhesive strength and durability for large-sized porcelain for outdoor and indoor uses, withstands high and cold temperatures.
  • White powder based on cement and chemical additives that give strength, adhesion, non-slip and longer application and adjustment period


1- Designed specifically for porcelain

2- Good adhesive to all types of stone, marble and ceramics.

3- Ideal for floors, walls and exterior facades

How to use:

1- Surface preparation: Make sure that the surface is completely clean and does not have any residues such as dirt, fat and moisture.

2- Add 4 liters of water for every 20 kg of adhesive, add water slowly, continuing to stir the mixture at a slow mixing speed ranging between (400-600) revolutions per minute for 3 minutes until you get a consistent consistency.

3- Let the mixture harden for 10 minutes to make sure all the ingredients hold together.

4 - Put the adhesive on the surface and make sure to spread it to an even thickness using the tool.

5- Fix the tiles over the adhesive and press firmly to ensure maximum bonding between the tiles and the adhesive.

Technical Specifications:

  • Classification: C2TE
  • Time available for mixing: 30 minutes
  • Adjustment time: 10-15 minutes
  • Adhesion force: more than 1.1 N mm2
  • Hardening time: 25-35 minutes
  • This product is valid for 12 months provided it is kept tightly closed and stored in a shady, dry and moisture-free place at a temperature of about 25°C, dry and moisture-free
  • European Standard: EN 12004 British Standard: BS 5980 Type Class A British Standard: BS 5385

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  • 34.50 SAR

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